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Francesco and I, we have been travelling around Italy, visiting places and projects, looking for another facet of Italy, the other side of the newscast.

There are people which “do things” and surprisingly most of them are very positive about the future in general, and about Italy in particular. To mention Riccardo L, di  Hub Firenze “who else before us had the opportunity to give the world a new shape? “. Too ambitious? Too difficult? What is evident is that nobody of us cannot avoid rethinking  the future, as very few are happy with the present.

Somehow and someway we are the first generation of people who will have to care about the future of our children, we carry the heavy burden of responsibility, for our own future and of those who will come after us.  And like “dwarfs sitting on the shoulders of giants” we look at the past to build the future. Gianluca R. founder of Gnammo said that we disown our parents and look at our grandparents model as a possible one: nature respectful, sacrifice and simplicity. This can be the paradigm of the people-projects we met in our trip: engineers, communicators, chefs and artisans working very hard to live a very simple and genuine life.

From north to south where we were:


The infinite discussion on why food is becoming obsessive, Davide Longoni‘s bread, the  finally renovated Duomo and fashion.

– food tendencies and recipes with Anna, owner of  a Bookstore of food culture Libreria Gastronomica Malafarina. Anna believes food is a renewed trend because now people are very attentive to what they eat, also because of the magazines on health and well being.

– Antonietta, chef of the restaurant of I Frigoriferi Milanesi , manager of a catering service. Antonietta organises social diners such as Travellers and Fud where people sit around a table and exchange their passion for motorcycles and travels.

Antonietta believes food is an obsession because people have a lack of interest in many other fields and concentrate on food, that instead of being something physical is becoming more and more abstract and psychological ( molecular gastronomy).


Tourism contributed to make Florence richer, but made it also perennial.The difficulty to change its image from an immortal city to an active and lively one.

It’s all about foodCecina/ schiacciata/castagnaccio/Niccolò’s sardines.


Castagnaccio, Photo, Francesca Fraenzi,

Anna, a dear friend of mine, is co-founder of the association “Il tango delle civiltà” that promotes the dance therapy for children and adults, people with handicap and in jail, as a method to know ourselves thorough our body.

Vieri and Riccardo are opening together with other people, impactHub Florence


Public administration and how a transport company can fail in a capital city. People respond to the lack of funds actively and we discover the world of local and self-managed gyms and cycle workshop.

It’s all about food : Bonci’s Pizza:  Pizzarium, the restaurant of Fooders Il Mazzo, Centocelle.

Francesca, president of the Association “I Ciclonauti di via Baccina, leads us to Scup, an abandoned building that has now been occupied and hosts popular gyms with different sports courses, a library, a children space and a radio.

Soon after we go to visit the cycle workshop where she volunteers, obviously by bicycle. It’s a little bit dangerous to go by bicycle in Rome, you  constantly have to pay attention and be well equipped. At the same time it’s so stupid not to do it : in Rome it’s hot and sunny the most of the time and going by bicycle is quicker than by public transports: we made the test. The cycle workshop seems to be very well organised and I’m really surprised to meet social movements which are not against or in opposition to “the systems”, but only “complementary” to it.

ciclonautiCiclofficina, via Baccina. Photo Cristiano Corsini, Flickr


Gian Luca Ranno founder of Gnammo took this picture of his son “looking at the future”

In Rome Francesco also gave a lecture at Crowdfuture 2013, a conference about the future of crowdfunding. He spoke about co-design, architecture and new way of thinking about money and how to live a meaningful life today (“Money is energy”). At crowdfuture we met Romina and Pietropaolo from Officine Libetta, a coworking space run by architects in Rome working on co-design and participatory process and citizen empowerement. We spent an afternoon with them discussing about their projects, the new role of the designer who is becoming a facilitator to let emergent phenomena occur. Pietropaolo Anella, one of the co-founder of the space, describes himself as an architect/performer. Inspiring and open-minded guys, acting in a very difficult context such as Rome.


Sessa Auranca is a small village, 70 km far from Naples, where Doris installed a didactic an animal factory that due to several factors had to close its doors. Doris has black pigs, a horse, a donkey and a vegetable garden that allows her family to be independent.  She runs the house with his husband, she tried different forms of co-living and she frequently hosts volunteers from WOOF. They are now thinking about possible projects to develop in their farm and are open to propositions. So write to us if you want to get in touch with her.

It’s all about food  : scialatielli, pomodori del vesuvio. Pizza, sfogliatella,  babà,  friarielli and the fish market.

Three hours in Naples, the city is extraordinarily desert but you can feel life is hidden somewhere. When getting the bus to Lecce we got the answer : Naples football team was playing a match.

While we were in Naples we have been invited by Alex to visit the Open Bosco but finally it didn’t fit in our schedule. It was a shame, as we are very interested in rural hubs and alternative tourism. Thanks Alex and see you the next time we’ll be around…


 Babà, photo Maritè Toledo


It’s all about food : le melanzane abbottonate, le pucce, la pitta, Liberrima ( concept store with best local food specialties and books on local gastronomy)

le ruote pazze

Le ruote pazze (crazy wheels) of Pastificio Cavalieri photo: Paola Sucato, A particular kind of pasta with 3 different thicknesses.


To contrast the phenomenon of the centralisation and overcrowded cities , many actors of innovation realise projects in small cities in a difficult balance between innovation and contest understanding.

This was the arrival point of our trip. The edgeryders meetting for the unmonastery project. Edgeryders is a global community of mostly European young people that have decided to take personal action against the societal, environmental and economic challenges humanity is facing. One edgeryders projet is the Unmonastery. A public building that was not used will be a temporary residency for creatives and people from different backgrounds that starting from February 2014 will put during 4 months their competencies at the service of Materan people to solve local problems through effective actions and projects. If you want to be one of these people apply on line. We tried to give our contribution, first organising a massive PASTA PARTY, secondly participating to the discussion group.

We also discover CASA NETURAL “a space for socialization and collaboration, where professionals can be matched to create new projects, expand their network and have social impact”.

Andrea and Mariella talked to us about different initiatives Casa Netural has promoted and realised, a 100 km walk in Basilicata, the region where they are discovering the territory and meeting the community of small villages. They also host people to develop a one week project and organise regular meetings to put together people willing to talk about possible collaboration on common projects. These are just a few examples. I will let you discover them personally. They are fresh and genuine.

Andrea pronounced one of the most impactful sentence of our trip : “I wanted to do things in Matera because there is nothing here. There are so many things to do here”. Afterwards, discussing with Domenico in the car, we realized the power of projects like CASA NETURAL, acting digitally but with a strong impact on the territory of the region. Very inspiring.


It’s all about food  :  I met the lady of the video above in Bari. I learnt to make orecchiette with the special technique, with just one gesture, instead of two, by watching her videos on youtube. The orecchiette get their shape through the pressure you give in a time. They give the impression to shape naturally. I pomodori secchicapperi sotto sale, Altamura’s bread

pane altamuraAltamura’s bread from the website The Fresh Loaf . This bread is produced only in Altamura with local wheat. It has very ancient origines and was made to last over a week to feed originally the whole family.

bari san nicola

 Bari, S. Nicola

In bari we also met Antonio Ottomanelli and Anna, a young couple of documentary maker (he) and art curator (she) who moved from the north of Italy to live in Bari. Their reception was amazing, one of the best of the trip. We had lunch in her new empty appartement, discussing about Italy, the future, empty space and creative re-use of vacant buildings. Than you very much for one of the best pizza of my life, and thanks for your welcoming lunch!

562340_10152352436807576_221918761_n (1)

Domenico and Anna drawing the future…




  1. saverio
    November 23, 2013

    Sono contento di aver fatto parte dell’intraverso, discutendo di cibo e architettura con Valentina e Francesco a Roma, per ritrovarli ad Altamura insieme a Domenico. Somo stati due incontri significativi.
    È bene divulgare il loro approccio e le esperienze di innovazione vissute o raccolte in giro x l’italia!

  2. Kelly Rogers
    March 6, 2014

    Wow. I like the pics of the food. I bet they are so yummy, especially the pizza. :)


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